Anti-discrimination policy


The Moroccan Esports Association (MESA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering inclusive, harassment-free gaming and has zero-tolerance for all forms of bullying, discriminating, and threatening behaviour. Such behaviours are harmful to the individual and to the integrity of esports. Bullying, discrimination and harassment is a type of behaviour that has various forms. It may be intended or unintended, direct or indirect and can involve a person’s physical or mental state. All forms of bullying, discrimination and harassment are intolerable in esports.

This policy enables a safe and welcoming environment for all people to participate in and spectate esports. The MESA advocates that esports is open to all players of any age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion. The MESA cares about creating healthy environments and atmospheres that encourage growth and acceptance throughout all esports events to ensure a safe, fair and inclusive esports environment for all.

All members of the MESA adhere to this policy, and we encourage everyone in esports to refer to this policy.

Have your say

We are working on the first draft of the MESA Anti-discrimination policy.It be open for public comment and review. All submissions will be reviewed by the executive committee and approved revisions will be published in the latest version. To make a submission, email the MESA at with the email subject: MESA Anti-discrimination policy Submission.

All are welcome to reach out to the MESA and our officials if there has been an infringement of this policy at your event, or an event you have attended