"Working for the promotion and recognition of esports in Morocco through:"


Constantly improve eSports and promote it in the light of its humanitarian, educational and cultural values


Encourage and support the promotion of ethics and youth education through eSports and strive to ensure that the spirit of fair play prevails in electronic sports


Encourage and support individuals, members, and other entities affiliated with the association in the development and coordination of eSports competitions


Support and harmonize culture and education with electronic sports


Organize your own regional, national and international competitions and ensure their smooth running


To unite by ties of solidarity and friendship all interested and qualified persons representative of the community by giving them the opportunity to discover the world of eSports


To promote and maintain between its members a favourable climate for the free discussion of all subjects of general interest which may concern eSports


Become an essential multi-gaming structure in amateur, semi-professional and professional fields

What can the Moroccan Esports Association do for you?